Happy Air Max Day! 3-26-2015 #AirMaxDay

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Mar 26

 Happy Air Max Day 2015

Happy #AirMaxDay Everybody!

What’s Air Max Day, you ask? Air Max Day is a special occasion set apart to acknowledge the advent of Nike Air cushioning technology and its place in the pantheon of modern running shoes. Today we all wear our Nike Air Maxes with pride (and style) to commemorate this stride in the sport and culture we love.

It all started in 1987 with the release of the Nike Air Max 1. Designed by Tinker Hatfield, a promising young designer with a knack for innovation, and inspired by a love of architecture, the world’s first visible Nike Air unit made it’s debut. This gave us our first glimpse into the potential of modern performance product. Tinker’s Air Max 1 was among the first running shoes to completely blur the lines between form and function.



Polarizing though it was, the Air max 1 marked a shift in the industry and ignited a spark in the development of the footwear industry. Following this shift, Tinker found his rhythm with the Air Max series and continues to push the envelope to this day. Nike Air Max has remained an undeniable force in footwear, delivering instant classics year-after-year. From the game-changing Air Max 1, to the chunky Air Max 90, the flashy 95, the elevated 360, all the way to the plush and responsive Air Max 2015, (and everywhere in between), there’s a pair of Air Maxes for everybody.

Adopted by various cultures and sub-cultures across the globe, today the Air Max represents a sense of community among those who wear them. From the fanatical runner to the old school hip-hop head, to the sneaker collector and purist, a common ground is shared in Nike Air. So please join us this year, in celebrating this breakthrough in our beloved world of running!

Need a fresh pair? Stop by your local Sport Seasons and grab the all new Nike Air Max 2015!





Kids Rock Nashville: The Nashville Kids Marathon

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Mar 18

Kids Rock Nashville

The Nashville Kids Marathon!


Okay, so maybe I am a little bit biased when it comes to this event. Marathons are a passion of mine so it only makes sense that I love the mini version of it that Nashville has for the kids, The Nashville Kids Rock Marathon. It is Sunday April 26, 2015. I have tried not to push this on my kids, basically so I don’t end up being that parent forcing their children to share my hobbies. However this year, they are all participating! (Willingly, by the way!)

Many schools across middle Tennessee have programs in place with the Physical Education department that allows the children to rack up their miles during P.E. class. Many schools also have a great presence at the race and are there to support the participants from their school.

The race for grades 1-7 is a mile and it is half a mile for Kindergarten. However leading up to the race they should be logging more miles. Many of the training programs have kids running a total of 25.2 miles so that after they run their last mile, they will have logged 26.2 miles, just like the big marathoners! Kids will receive a goody bag, a medal, a t-shirt, and their own bib! (Just like mom or dad!) The benefits of exercise for children, are no different than that for adults.

Exercise for Children


- Builds self-esteem
- Burns calories
- Allows them to channel their energy and bring about good behavior
- Good cardiovascular benefits
- Promotes good moods and confidence
- Builds strong muscles and bones

This Kids Rock Marathon is the perfect opportunity to introduce children into racing. Who knows? Maybe they will find their passion in it and will sign up for a 5K soon after. Either way, it is a fun and exciting day for everyone involved. If your school isn’t involved yet, get them involved! It is a great event for the children.

And remember we are our children’s best example. So this is a great opportunity to exercise with your kids!

Family fun



Time For the Ninth Annual Richland Creek Run!

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Mar 06

Richland Greenway

Join us on Saturday, April 4th for The Ninth Annual Richland Creek Run! It’s is a certified 5 mile course that runs through the Richland Creek Greenway and Sylvan Park. We love the Richland Creek Greenway – it’s where our Sport Seasons Running Club runs each Saturday. The race benefits The Greenways of Nashville, a non-profit organization dedicated to the creation and protection of Nashville’s greenways.

The Greenways are paths that link schools, shopping areas, trails, parks, and neighborhoods together. They are a great way to add beauty and convenience to our city. The race will begin at 8:05 and there will be a kid’s race at 7:30 that will cover ¾ of a mile. The starting line will be outside the Cohn Adult Learning Center at 4805 Park Avenue.

The registration fee is $25 now through April 2nd. Then the price will increase to $30.Spring

I did this race for the first time last year and I loved it. The great thing about it this race is not only what it benefits, but it is truly a race for everyone from a fast runner to a slow walker. Everyone is encouraged to come and run at their own pace! It is truly a great, peaceful 5 mile course. This crazy winter weather will be gone and we will have a nice spring morning for the race.

This is a great way to get out and get moving as spring and summer approach. The short distance kid’s run is a great race as well. This event is family friendly and we encourage people of all ages and levels to join us this year!

Sport Seasons will be hosting the packet pick up on April 3rd. We look forward to seeing you, and some spring weather!

Register here.

Richland Creek Greenway


5 Mistakes New (and Old) Runners Make

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Feb 27

starting running

Throughout my years of running I have seen so many little mistakes new runners make, that unfortunately derail them from moving forward in their training plan. It can be very deflating to have all of the right intentions and then lose steam. So I thought I would share with you the mistakes I see, and some that I have made myself.

1. Wearing the wrong shoes. There is no question that shoes matter. Wearing the wrong fit or even size of a shoe can cause pain and injury. It is worth the investment to find the right shoe for you.

2. Comparing Yourself to Others. One of the things I love about running is the fact that you can set individual goals and compete with yourself. Every person has the opportunity to set and accomplish goals of all sizes, it is unfair to compare your running to someone else. It is a quick way to lose confidence.

3. Not taking a rest day. Often times runners think they have to run every single day in order to get better. In fact rest days are important as well, they help give your muscles a break to strengthen and repair.

4. Not Cross Training and Strength Training. Cross training is important because it gives other muscles a chance to work. It will also vary your workouts up and help prevent burnout. I love to go to the gym and stair step. Some people swim or do the bike. I also love to lift weights. Strengthening your body will make you a stronger runner.

5. Running a race they have not properly trained for. The better you train for a race, the more enjoyable the race will be. If you don’t put in the training miles for any race, a 5K or a half marathon… you will be hurting and that will give you the impression that races are miserable. The better you train, the better you will feel.

Running is a great way to burn a lot of calories and the great thing is that you can do it anywhere. You are never ever too old to take up running or any other activity. Just train right and have a little confidence in yourself.

I am including some links to some of my favorite training plans for different lengths of races. You can choose your level you want to train at. Having a specific plan will help your accountability.

http://www.halhigdon.com/training/51130/Half-Marathon-Training-Guidefeeling of running

I also love my Nike Running App. Some other good apps are MapMyRun and RunKeeper. They are great ways to track your progress in both distance and speed.

Remember, the better you train…..the better you will feel!

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”


The Hot Chocolate 15k – Running and Chocolate? Yes please!

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Feb 19

Hot Chocolate 15K

This past Saturday I ran the Hot Chocolate 15K for the second year in a row. I was prepared for the cold because last year was painfully cold. We parked too far away and got out of the car too early, two mistakes I didn’t make again. This year I also came prepared in my Feetures! merino wool socks so my feet wouldn’t feel like little pads of ice like they did last year. This is a fairly hilly 9.3 miles and I knew it would be a good training run for me in the midst of my training for the Nashville Full Marathon.

First I have to say that I LOVE the jacket we got instead of a race shirt. It was a full zip hoodie, gray with pink trim for the girls. Last year was a Hot chocolate hoodiehalf zip and it was a very non stretchy and kind of poor fitting fabric so I didn’t love it. This one I love, so even before the race I was already satisfied! The blow ups and the photo-ops they had set up near the start were really fun. There was huge blow up marshmallows and cups of hot cocoa. It was a very festive and fun feel down at the start. I got down there early enough to park close and meet Emily, and that worked out great. The race started on time and as I remembered it was very hilly, especially in the first half. I tried to pace myself because I knew that I would be facing multiple hills. I ended up running a 1:07, actually a minute slower than last year, but still a nice pace. I ended up in 4th place in my division out of 403 women. There were 2255 women that ran the 15K and I was 14th out of them. I believe that running is a great way to compete with yourself and challenge yourself to improve. However, it is fun to see where you stack up with other women in your age group. It helps to keep me in the competitive spirit.

Now for the most important thing, post race snacks. Runners get a cute fondue finishers mug with some chocolate fondue, a banana, pretzels, and a few other treats. There is a nice little cup of hot chocolate right in the center of the mug. It is a cute and different snack than at any other race.

 Hot chocolate snacks  Brooks Glycerin

I ran in one of my two favorite shoes, my Brooks Glycerin. And the truth is that I love them and my Saucony Triumphs. I used the fact that these Glycerin matched my new Nike Thermal pullover as the deciding factor. Fashion may not be the most important factor, but it is a nice added bonus! I think this race was fun and very organized. It seemed way more crowded this year. There was a 5K too which is great because it gives people another option.

Steph and EmilySteph and Emily 2

Next I plan to run the Tom King Half Marathon on March 7th, to help with my training for the Nashville Full. The Tom King is flatter so I hope to keep a good pace. I definitely would recommend this race to anyone, just be sure you are prepared to run in the cold. But remember, it is only cold when you’re standing still!