10 Tips for Exercising and Eating Right While Travelling


Spring is here!  That means lots of us have vacationed or have vacation coming up.  Before we know it, Memorial Day will be here, which kicks off summer.  Summer means not only the dreaded bathing suit season, but even more vacations.

Sometimes when I go on vacation, like I did this past weekend, I decide to give myself a little break and I skipped two days of running and ate way too many curly fries.  This was a short vacation so I wasn’t too stressed about what I ate, and sometimes we all just need to let loose and give in.  But if you are traveling a lot and trying to be good, here are my top 10 tips for excising and eating right that help me stay on track when I am away from home.

  1. I pack protein bars and other healthy snacks so I will have something healthy to grab when I am hungry. Quest Bars and Power Crunch Bars are my go to favorites.
  2. I bring either bottles of water or a good container to keep ice water in. Lowering your water intake can cause you to feel sluggish.
  3. I am always sure to pack my vitamins.workout no excuses
  4. I pack my running clothes according to the weather where I am going. You can’t always count on a hotel gym.  They are typically small and sometimes crowded.
  5. I never forget my headphones. Without my music I would never get out of bed.
  6. I am sure I have my Nike App downloaded and working on my phone. The day of modern technology makes it easy to run on the road.  Just start the Nike App and go!
  7. I share meals when I eat out. It helps me control my portions and also saves me money!
  8. I allow myself to splurge when I want to, after all it is a vacation.
  9. I always lay my running clothes out at night because getting ready in an environment other than my home can take longer.
  10. I also have to remind myself how much better I will feel and how much more energy I will have if I start my day off with some exercise!


These are just a few things I find useful in helping me stay on track.  I definitely think it is okay to slack a little in both eating and exercise when you are out of town.  Keeping up with your routine will help you have the energy to really enjoy the rest of your trip, with the bonus of no post-vacation procrastination getting back into your routine when you get home.

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