5 Tips How Keep Up Winter Running

Winter Running
The Temps May Drop, But The Running Won’t Stop!

The winter months are definitely upon us.  It makes it harder to get out of a nice warm bed in the morning, that’s for sure.  It makes it even harder when you are getting up to run.  (Not that getting up in the dead of summer is any easier, Nashville humidity is brutal!) In the winter it takes a little extra preparation and self-talk to get out there.  So here are a few quick tips that will without a doubt help you stick to your running during the cold months!

1. Prepare at Night!  It always takes longer to get ready when it’s cold out.  You have to layer, add ear warmers, hats, gloves, and more.  The best thing to do is to get all of that out at night and put it in a pile.

2. Keep Key Parts Extra Warm! It is a really common problem for runners to put on too many layers and end up hot, even on a frigid day.  By keeping your head, hands, and feet warm, your body will automatically retain the heat it needs.  A good pair of socks like the Feetures Merino Wool and a good pair of gloves like the Nike Thermal Tech Running gloves  will make a world of difference.
Cold Running

3. Avoid the Mental Fear… Remember It’s Only Cold When You’re Standing Still! At night when I take my dog out or run across the street to a neighbor’s, I think about how on earth I am going to run in this cold?? But remember yes it is cold, but it isn’t so cold when you are out there running!  So don’t judge how it will feel to run by the way you will feel when you are standing still.

4. Find a Friend! (Or download some new Music!) It is always easier to get out of a warm bed when you are meeting someone who makes you accountable! If you have someone to help get you in the habit, getting up won’t be as bad! If you aren’t in the position to have a partner then use your music as your partner.  Freshen up your playlist often so you will avoid getting burnt out on your music!

5. Sign up Now for a Spring Race!  There is no better way to stick to running in the winter months than to have a training plan in place.  If you sign up for a spring marathon or any race, you will have to train through the winter months.  Having a set schedule and something to build on will help you stay motivated.  Not to mention that this time of year all of the spring race entry fees are less expensive!

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