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5 Tips on Keeping your Fitness Resolution this Year

5 Tips on Keeping your Fitness Resolution this Year

It’s that time of year when motivation is at its peak. You’ve embraced the New Year, new me mantra and have resolutions set to prove it. Fitness and focusing on health is one of the most popular resolutions and for good reason! Focusing on living a healthier lifestyle will always be beneficial, but it can be difficult once the motivation fades to stick with it. That’s why we’ve compiled some tips that’ll help you keep your resolutions going all year long!

Keep your resolutions this year.

1.Invest in the right materials in the beginning.

So many people underestimate the power of the right pair of running shoes or the performance ability of workout clothes. If you start out with things you’re pulling out of the closet from five years ago, chances are your workouts will feel like an uphill battle and it’ll be easy to get discouraged. Having the right tools from the beginning will help you create a strong foundation that’ll hold throughout the year.

2. Find someone to keep you accountable.

One key component to keeping your resolution is to have an accountability partner. This can look like having a friend check up on you once in a while, finding someone to go on morning jogs with, or someone who’s willing to split a gym membership with you so you both stick to your resolutions. No matter what this looks like, having someone besides yourself keeping you accountable will be the extra push you need on days your motivation is lacking.

3. Carve out time to set achievable goals.

When you’re caught up in the whirlwind of setting resolutions, it’s easy to just think about the ideal outcome. Unfortunately, those outcomes take time to achieve and when you don’t see immediate results, you can find yourself wanting to give up before you’ve really even begun. Of course having an ideal outcome in mind is great! But, be sure to carve out time throughout the week or month to set a goal that’ll get you one step closer to your desired outcome. When you have one smaller thing to focus on, you’ll be less overwhelmed and more likely to stick with it the more you hit those goals. Before you know it, you’ll have achieved the end goal you were working toward!

4. Show yourself grace.

Some months you’ll rock it and some you won’t. It’s important to remember that a bad week or month doesn’t mean you’re failing. Once people get off track they beat themselves up and give up entirely, because what’s the point of going on? Showing yourself grace during times you fell off the wagon is key to keeping your resolution. Knowing that it won’t all be rainbows and sunshine will help you keep trying even after you’ve fallen into a slump. Not achieving your goals but still working toward them is better than not trying at all.

5. Have fun!

If you’re constantly dreading doing something, you’re more likely to give up on it before the year is up. Finding a way to make it fun and enjoyable will help you stick to it even when you’ve fallen into a slump. This could mean working out with a friend, going to guided classes, or jamming to your guilty pleasure music as you run. Find something that works for you and have fun achieving your goals throughout the year.

We hope these tips help you start and finish strong in 2019. Keeping your resolution doesn’t have to be hard. You can have fun and still achieve your fitness goals this year!

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