App Keeps Music in Pace with Your Run

You’re out for a run. Perfect song is going. You’re at a pace you’re really happy with. The song changes. The slowest song in your music library comes on. Your focus changes from 100% focused on the pure joy of running to where is the next song that matches how you feel in that moment.

What if you could keep your music in sync with your run pace better?

There is an iPhone app that claims it can do just that. Cruise Control is a new science based app that checks the beats per minute of your music on your iPhone and matches those to your pace. Interestingly enough, they have built in algorithms to tweak the songs in your library to match your pace. They cite that it will not give your music a “chipmunk” effect.

Cruise Control features other features like sync capabilities with Bluetooth heart rate monitors to help you track your runs. Cruise will also allow you to use Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ to share your runs.

The science backing Cruise Control is further explained in two articles recently in the New York Times as well as Runner’s World.


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