Under Armour Boxerjocks – Product Review

Under Armour Boxer Jocks We wanted to poll a few wearers of the Under Armour Original Boxerjocks to see what they would say about their unmentionables. Here is what they had to say.

“More comfort than the compression shorts, not quite as tight, especially the waist band.┬áThe mesh fly front lends more of an underwear feature, and more comfort as well. The 3 inch inseam is short, almost a brief, but then there is no riding up leg of the fabric and the 6 inch inseam is comfortable, I really like the weight of the fabric, it is not heavy and manages moisture well, keeping comfortable in hot weather. Haven’t tried the 9 inch. But, I imagine it would be comfortable over the quadriceps, especially in rough denim pants that drag on the leg.”

“I loved the boxers! Going to buy more ASAP. They have a nice firm fit and kept me in place. I also liked how they dried out quickly from sweat. I would give them 9 out of 10.”

“Seriously they’re great. No chafing, light weight, keeps everything in place. Will definitely continue to wear them during my softball games and plan to buy more soon.”

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