Asics GT-2150 Rundown and Review

Tonight, I had a nice quick run in the new Asics GT-2150.  It was actually the first pair of Asics that I have run in other than some Gel-Banditos that I wear in 5k’s and for speed work.

I love the shoe.  I’ve always thought the 2000 series was too heavy for me as I favor light weight, flexible, cushion based shoes.  The Asics GT-2150 model has me giving new advice to people with neutral-high arches.

The Asics GT-2150 has great cushion but my foot still felt “protected”.  I could really feel the memory foam hugging my heel and, although I tend to supinate, I felt very balanced throughout my gait.  I only have one complaint about this shoe and it is easily fixed. The laces are horrible.  They are a slick, synthetic material that came unlaced 4 times during a 28 minute run. And yes, I do use a reef knot instead of a granny knot, and the laces still came undone. I highly recommend this shoe and I also highly recommend picking up a fresh, new pair of laces to go along with them.  You’ll be happy you spent the extra three bucks!

Until next time, who knows, it could be next year.  ha

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