Athletes with Villainous Appearance

Mother always warned us “If you keep making that face, it’ll stick like that and you’ll be stuck making that terrible face”. We clearly disregarded this after we watched Jim Carrey in the 90s. Then there are those who just naturally look evil, especially while playing sports. These are our favorite.

Without further stalling, here are your Five Athletes Who Look Extremely Menacing Without Even Trying.

#2. Zdeno Chara

Like most of those on this list, Big Z is a nice guy. He’s captain of the Boston Bruins, has the fastest shot in the NHL at the current moment, and stands like 6’9” or something.

And I am now terrified.

#3. Jason Motte

Motte is the closer for the St. Louis Cardinals. He possesses great movement on his breaking balls, good control in pressure situations, and the sickest beard this side of Brian Wilson of the Giants.

Instead of a knife throwing competition in the woods of Western Canada, he applies his trade at Busch Stadium. Same effect though; fear.


#4. John Henderson

Again, a very nice man. A product of Pearl-Cohn High School in Nashville and an all-time great at the University of Tennessee, Henderson is a current free agent. However, his demeanor and personality made him a legend in the eyes of many fans of the NFL, especially that of the Jaguars which he lined up for 8 seasons.

It actually gets better. His pregame ritual is terrifying.


#5. George Parros

He’s George Parros, who fights, fights, fights, and plays a little hockey for the Anaheim Ducks.

I assure you that none of these photos are actually that of Tom Selleck.


So who is number 1?

#1. Piri Weepu

In addition to him being one of the best Rugby players in the world, he’s taken the throne of Sebastian Chabal as the scariest athlete in the world (not named Ray Lewis, who was omitted due to legal concerns).

Here he is, in action.

Sleep well, everyone.

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