“Back in my day, we wore THIS hat” Tennessee Volunteers Caps

We didn’t always have the ginormous-big brands making hats for our favorite teams. For many years, we depended on smaller vendors in the world of college sports. But the products that we received… timeless classics. Don’t believe me? Here’s Phil Fulmer in 1993:

We sold that hat last year.

Also check out:
-The hunter logo
-The interlocked UT logo on the polo
-The power T on the helmets

Brand uniformity didn’t land in Knoxville until 1998, and that year was pretty successful.


ANYWAYS, In the never ending quest to outfit our customers with the best stuff we can to make yourself look like a better fan, we reached into the vault of great hats of the past, and freshened them up.

Tennessee Volunteers Relaxed Bar CapTennessee Volunteers Camoflage SnapbackTennessee Volunteers Flex Camo HatTennessee Volunteers Relaxed Logo Cap

“The Game” hit several home runs in designs in the 90s, some of which you still see in the stands of most major colleges. The “Bar” design was custom for each team. (VOLS, ‘DORES, GATORS, DAWGS, CATS, and for Ohio State- WOODY or BUCKS)

And instead of white, we opted for a hunter brown shade that compliments the fall scene of Knoxville. (And RealTree… because it’s RealTree)

Don’t take my word for it. I managed to get a quote for the gentleman who’s seen more than his share of hats on the shelf at Sport Seasons, in fact he’s the guy who runs that department.

“The history of licensed headwear begins & ends with The Game.  2 cornerstone designs that started it all would have to be the “bar design” & the “circle logo design” on a white plastic snap adjustable cap. Cheap, easy to bend, and one of the first ways fans used to show team loyalty!”

There you have it. Cover your dome with something that’ll garner respect from both young fans and old.

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