Basketball Shoes- What do the players wear?

The NBA is finally back, and the college guys and gals are back into the swing of their season. Usually it takes around this time of year for basketball to get back into our already crowded minds full of football, hockey, football, and…. football.

Lucky for us, we have lots of cool products for the basketball player in mind. But don’t take the word of people who work around tons of shoes, let’s check out what the players are wearing…

You likely already know what players like LeBron James and Kevin Durant are wearing, since the shoes are named after their owner these days. The other guys are wearing just about the same things on the wall at places like Sport Seasons.

In 2008, current Bulls center Carlos Boozer made the USA Olympic team. What was he wearing? The 2008 edition of the Nike Zoom Hyperdunks.

The Hyperdunks are a favorite of current players. NBA Finals MVP Dirk Nowitski has worn these for years, and Nike has went as far as providing a special color scheme for the German Olympian as well as a Dallas Mavericks team color edition. Essentially, these are the same shoes we carry. (2010 model shown)

Not the most flashy pair that company offers, but having one of the top players in the world wear them for years should be a good indicator on their performance. Boozer and Nowitski are just two of the players that have worn this shoe at the highest level, but their games are totally different. Dirk is a shooter that creates space and buries jump shots, where as Boozer plays near the rim and gather rebounds.

Adidas joins Nike in this category, and has truly stepped up their game in building some great products. The TD Commander comes to mind, and their namesake Tim Duncan has worn these for years. Who else has worn these? Dwight Howard, who may be taking the reigns from Tim Duncan as the most complete center in the game.


These are simply just a sampling, and everyone’s foot is different just like everyone’s game is a little different. The four players mentioned in this piece are among the best power forwards and centers in the game, and their game seems to be just fine without the flash and splash of some of the other shoes on the market.

What to check for? Patterns on the outsole, ease of liftoff, and being able to generate traction with uneven force. You won’t always be able to put your foot flat on the hardwood, so being able to generate speed with only 60% of your foot touching the ground is key to being able to drive, pull up, and shoot with the best.

Stay tuned for more to come, we do have a few players and enthusiasts on our staff, and we do evaluate our products. Until then, good game!






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