Best Entrances in College Football

UT stadium

There’s nothing like a good first impression. And no sport does it better across the board than the sport of football. We are forced to wait a full week between games, and that’s during the season. The off-season feels so long it’s painful.

But when the band forms that familiar formation, and the team is cocked and loaded inside the tunnel waiting to explode onto the field, there aren’t many better feelings.

My allegiances aside, here are my favorite entrances in all of college football.

#2. Clemson

The history behind the rock, the video, and the dinky little cannon that’s way louder than it’s supposed to be…

….pretty awesome. Well done, Clemson.

#3. Tennessee

Being that our stores are based in Tennessee, you probably know exactly what this is. And will watch it anyways. Why? Because it generates those little bumps on your arms.

Every time.

#4. East Carolina

What the heck? ECU? The Pirates? What are they doing on here?

Let me count the ways.

  1. Awesome pirate ship they USED to come out of, now it’s a skull.
  2. Legit looking pirate mascot.
  3. JIMI
  4. Purple Smoke

#5. Florida State

Having seen this in person, it’s pretty special. Chief Osceola, Renegade, it should be on anyone’s bucket list to make it to a FSU/Miami game.


So who is number 1?

#1. Virginia Tech

You know it’s big when ESPN goes out of their way to edit it like this. Well done, Hokies.

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