Brooks Glycerin 12 Review

Glycerin 12 Review

Check out the new and improved Brooks Glycerin model!

If you have followed my blogs at all, then you know I am a long time Saucony  loyalist.  It takes a lot for me to choose another brand over Saucony.  Maybe I am a creature of habit, but I have always had success with them. Second in line of my favorites I would say is definitely Brooks. I have had a few pairs of the Ghost and the Glycerin through the years.  A few months ago I bought both a pair of Saucony Triumphs and a pair of Brooks Glycerin. Both are great shoes with a lot of cushioning.  They are top of the line for both brands, and worth every penny. My issue with the last Glycerin, the Glycerin 11, was that it was a little heavy and kind of bulky.  I actually like wearing them to the gym because they do give a fair amount of support as well. Truthfully, I also felt like my feet got a little hot in the previous Glycerin. So after purchasing both the Saucony Triumph and the Brooks Glycerin at the same time, I definitely ran 80% of the time in the Triumphs and saved my Glycerin for the gym and to wear to the kids soccer games and on trail walks at night. (I do have to say that the yellow Glycerin were aesthetically one of my favorite running shoes yet.)

So when it came time to buy new shoes again, I went straight for the Saucony and have been running in the new Ride 7 which I love.  However since then I have heard several great things about the new Glycerin 12 so I decided last week to give the one more shot.  The changes that they claimed to make are as follows:

– 20% more cushioning

– new, Super DNA

– Lighter weight

– sleeker design, less bulk with more flexibility

– more even cushioning to lessen impact from heel to toe

I do have to hand it to Brooks, they made big improvements on this shoe.  I do think it is better than the previous and without a doubt one of the best, most comfortable shoes I have ever run in.  It is still a fairly heavy running shoe, which for some people that isn’t an issue. With the amount of cushioning in the Glycerin it may never be as light as some other shoes.  The Ride is definitely a lighter shoe, but also doesn’t give the same support as the glycerin.  So it is really a matter of personal preference. I am a neutral runner and I like a good amount of cushioning but I don’t want it so heavy that it slows me down.

I would recommend the new Glycerin without any hesitation. I do think that the improvements they claim to have made are accurate. If you haven’t tried them on I highly suggest you do, you may have never felt comfort I’m a running shoe like you will with the Glycerin 12. (And I am totally loving the purple and turquoise combination.)

Glycerin 12

Often times I get questions from friends about certain things that bother them when they run, such as a foot or knee problem.  The first thing that I ask them is have they gotten new shoes and do they think they are wearing the right shoe.  It is so important to find the right shoe and the right fit.

“Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world.” –Marilyn Monroe

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