Brooks Glycerin 13

Can the Brooks Glycerin 13 Really Be Better than the 12?


Brooks Glycerin 13 Review

Brooks Updates a Classic: A Review of my Favorite Shoe

Every time that Brooks comes out with a revision to my favorite shoe, the Glycerin, I wonder how on earth they can make it better.  However somehow, they do.

The last revision, the 12, was a huge improvement.  The shoe was lighter and much sleeker, yet didn’t lose the cushion.  So I had been excited to try the Glycerin 13.

Changes to the New Glycerin 13

The Brooks Glycerin 13 is slightly heavier in weight than before, but only by two tenths of one ounce. The women’s went from 9.1 ounces to 9.3. It isn’t however enough to make it feel any heavier.  This may be partly because of the new 13 pressure zones that disperse the pressure of your impact over a wider area of the shoe than before. This lessens the impact of your weight with each stride.

Another thing that is new to this revision is the Dynamic TPU Saddle.  It captures and adjusts to the arch of your specific foot throughout your stride.  This helps mold the shoe to your specific foot shape and adjusts accordingly.

The major (and good) changes that had been made to the 12 still carried over into the 13, which I loved.  It has the same 3D fit print overlay which also helps customize your shoe to your foot after you wear it a few times.  It also has the extra 20% Super DNA cushion that they introduced with the 12.  So it’s still a very high cushion shoe, but it doesn’t have the bounce that most runners don’t like.

Right now the women’s comes in three colors, and the men’s in four.  I am hoping that they introduce more colors.  I know the fit and comfort of a shoe is way more important when it comes to choosing a running shoe. However, who doesn’t want an aesthetically pleasing shoe!? (Possibly a pair to match your favorite running gear?)

The Bottom Line

Overall, Brooks does not disappoint with this new revision.  The Glycerin 13 is worth the money.  It is a top notch, state of the art shoe.

I am not sure that a neutral, cushion loving runner like myself could find  any better.

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