Chocolate and Running – A Match Made In Heaven!


When I heard there was a race coming to Nashville called the Hot Chocolate 15K, it took me about half of a second to figure out that I wanted to run it. I love chocolate, and really all desserts for that matter! (That’s no secret to anyone that knows me!) Another thing that I love about this race is that it benefits the Ronald McDonald House, which is one of the greatest charities. The race is this Saturday, February 15th, and the temperature is expected to be in the low twenties that morning. (Freezing cold, yet somehow seems like the normal temps these days!)

I have been working on deciding what to wear for the race since I do want warm clothes, yet not too warm and not too bulky. I am wearing one of my two very favorites running half zips that I have probably ever owned. They are the Asics Thermopolis half zip and the Nike Element Half Zip Running Top. I have gotten my money’s worth out of them both this winter without a doubt! I will wear my Nike tank as my bottom layer and wear a long sleeve Nike Dri-FIT shirt on top of the tank. Then the pullover will be the perfect outer layer. The best thing about these pullovers is that you can layer under them to make them warmer or wear them alone on warmer days.

Saucony Ride

I will of course be wearing my Saucony Rides. (Cushion and comfort are what I need in my shoe) I am loving the new colors and am glad they have made them more fun! Then of course my essential Nike Thermal Tech Running gloves are a must. With all the right gear, cold weather is actually great to run in!

I am looking forward to experiencing this race tomorrow. I figure the chocolate at the end will give me an extra push to run fast! Stay tuned to hear how it was!!



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