Joe Returns to Sport Seasons!

Last fall, our shoe buyer left for another really cool job.  His name was Joe.  Our hearts ached, we loved this shoe buyer.  He was funny, he was engaging with the staff and customers, he could communicate in a direct and respectful way.  He had a unique personal style.  But most of all, he knew shoes, he knew the job, and did what had to be done, he got it.  He inspired others to do the same.

So, life goes on, someone has to do the job.  Everyone pitched in to help in the meantime.  We searched high, we searched low.   We consulted Paul the Octopus.  Nothing.  Who would the next shoe buyer be?

Finally, all the stars aligned just right, and everything fell into place.


Welcome back, Joe.

Joe will be around end of next week.  Let’s make him feel right at home.

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