Confessions of a Sock Thief (Swiftwick Socks)

swiftwick socks

The other morning,  getting ready to take the dogs for an easy walk/run before work, I found a surprise.  There, in my sock drawer were my husband’s new Swiftwick socks.   He’s a runner and gets promos to try from work which sometimes get regifted to me after evaluation.  Jackpot!  I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love socks.  Slipped them on, then my favorite running shoes.  Out the door with the dogs, quick loop around the park and back home.  July in Tennessee, it’s a steamy 83 even early in the morning.

Back in, kicking off my shoes and thinking of another cup of coffee, I noticed my feet felt great.  No moisture, the socks held their shape, compression was perfect.  I didn’t want to take them off to jump in the shower, and seriously thought of putting them back on later to wear to work.  They felt that good.  I have been hooked on Feetures socks, and will still count them as one of my favorites.  But these Swiftwick socks are awesome, definitely my new favorite for running.  One neat thing about Swiftwick is that not only are they the official sock of the Nashville Striders, they are a local company here in Tennessee, just like us.  Something else I found while checking out their website is that they guarantee you’ll think they are the best socks you’ve ever tried.   If not, you can send them back to Swiftwick and request a competitor’s replacement of equal value.  They are convinced you’ll be hooked.  Impressive.

Later that night, I ask, “Dear, did you mean to put those Swiftwick socks in my drawer?”

“No, do you have them?”


Needless to say, I had to get my own pair.


Ahh . . . that’s better.

~Contributed by staff member JC

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