Gel-Kayano 19 v. GTS Adrenaline 13

This being election day, I decided to tackle the great debate of supportive running shoes. Both just arrived to our stockroom, and both have a cult following among the running folk. That, and they’re both pretty comfy. It’s not exactly pulling teeth getting me to try these on.

Note: The good folks at Asics sent us some GT-2000’s, which I’m told is more comparable, to take home and I’m kinda too used to them to give them an unbiased look. I’ve already put about 20 miles on them.

First, let’s take a look at these new Asics Gel-Kayano 19‘s.

  • Firstly, these are a lot less “clunky” than last year’s. While last year’s were very supportive and durable, these give you the same feeling AND they’re more responsive.
  • Much like the new GT-2000’s, they’re lower to the ground which lessens their heavy feeling.
  • The upper of this show is so light!
  • After a hearty trot* around in these, they feel very similar to past models in terms of being a shoe with lots of bounce

  • Also like the new GT-2000’s, they’re a bit more flexible.
  • The more defined guidance line gave me a bit more forward momentum than previous models.
  • Lastly, these didn’t feel as┬álaborious trotting around.

Next, let’s check out the GTS Adrenaline 13 by Brooks.

  • Immediately, I noticed how light these shoes felt. More on that later.
  • If you walk heel-toe, these are darn near perfect.
  • This shoe isn’t changed much from last year, or the year before. So if you’re absolutely in love with last year’s model, don’t worry.
  • For a supportive shoe, the balance on this shoe is very good. It doesn’t FEEL like a shoe made for more arch support in terms of stiffness.

  • Again, it’s very similar to last year on the bottom.
  • The forward momentum is really great in these. You’ll feel very light on your toes.
  • If you’re used to a Nike shoe, the sole feels like a more durable version of their rubber.


  • After trying both of these on, I was convinced that the Brooks shoe was quite lighter. Luckily, we still had our postage scale hanging around. The results… were… shocking.

I didn’t exactly expect that. The reason why I suppose is the balance of the GTS as opposed to how light the upper is on the Kayano. Most of the weight on the Kayano is right under the heel. It’s only a 2 tenths of an ounce, so it’s not like there’s a brick in either shoe. Different strokes…
  • Both shoes have a little different feel on the bottom. It was misting rain, and the cement sidewalk was a little moist. Both handled well.
  • While the GTS seems a bit more responsive even though it has more of a drop from heel to toe, the Kayano gave a little more support.
  • Both shoes give you that “I WANNA GO RUNNIN'” feeling. That’s the most important of all. If you have confidence in your equipment, you’re more likely to use it whether we’re talking about chainsaws or running shoes.



In the end, these are a bit different even though they fall under the same category. Knowing what we carry, these brands are no stranger to both serious and casual runners and will serve you well. It’s truly up to you.

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