Essential Football Fan Gear For the Whole Family!

It’s finally football time in Tennessee! There is a lot I like about fall.  There is the awesome weather, all of the new television shows start, and of course it kicks off football season!  Even if you are not a huge football fan, you are bound to take place in some tailgating and will probably attend a social gathering where everyone is watching and cheering on their team. So it is essential that you look the part!  A few good pieces can get you through a season.  (Unless you are my like my husband who thinks he needs 15 short sleeve UNC T-shirts and a closet full of Titan gear!)Baby Team Gear

Starting from the smallest to the biggest people, I love the kid’s Titans cheerleading outfit, the onesies, and even the small football jerseys.  Kids always love to be like mom and dad so they are always excited to wear what we are wearing.

I have been more excited each year with the improvements and increase in choices of fan gear for women.  You will find them in Titans, Vols, Predators, Vandy, and if you are crazy enough to be an Alabama or Florida football fan…Sport Seasons has those too! I love all of the fitted V neck women’s t-shirts. Even some of the teams’ jerseys come in women’s styles so they are much more flattering.

Lady Vols and Titans ShirtsThere is a huge selection of men’s T-shirts and polo shirts in all of the Tennessee teams and my favorite is the dry fit ones because it is HOT here for a good portion if the Titans game.  Tailgating in dry fit is a huge plus. Speaking of tailgating, the fold up tailgate chairs and tables with cup holders are great! They are easy to travel with because they fold up and are light weight.  However they can also be great right in your living room.

Even before I went to college, I was buying my Vols stuff right here at Sport Seasons, now every time I go in there is something new! I also love all of the fun house decorations such as the trash cans and my very favorite are the new storage cubes that fit in the bookshelves and storage units you can buy just about anywhere now.  If you have an in house rivalry then you can support both teams with more than one storage bin.  (At my house I get dirty looks when I cheer for the Steelers but it didn’t stop me from buying a shirt, Titans first of course, Steelers second!)

Team storage binsTailgate chairs and tables

The thing about football season is that it spans both seasons, fall and winter, with a little bit of summer.  So you start off needing Titans tank tops and dry fit T-shirts but end the season needing a fleece pullover and a blanket.  Having staples for your fan gear wardrobe is just as important as the staples of your running wardrobe or your work wardrobe.  It is worth the investment because the things last for years!  You have to support your team right, so wear it with pride and look the part!!!

Titans Polo: All Ready for Football SeasonVols Grey JerseyVanderbilt Shirt

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