First Look: Reebok’s New NHL Gear (pt 1)

At long last, the NHL season is here. And with it, comes new stuff. (That’s kinda why we’re here, when you think about it) Reebok didn’t make many changes from 2010-2011 to 2011-2012 other than a few product changes, and updating of team logos.

But this year, there are some changes to what you’ll see the staff, ice crew, trainers, and even the players wear between and during games.

Firstly, the “Flux Polo”. This is what you’ll see the trainers and equipment guys wear primarily, but this is issued to players and coaches alike as well.

Flux Polo
  • It’s a bit more subtle that that of the previous years, and won’t look out of place on the golf course or your office.
  • The piping is becoming a calling card of Reebok’s NHL apparel, and has been seen quite a bit since they assumed
    control of the uniforms of the NHL.
  • The logo is embroidered. There have been a few polos from quite a few companies that have screen printed logos
    instead of good ol’ thread and needle. This isn’t one of them.
  • IT BREATHES. This is VERY light.

Another item you’ll see quite a bit is this hoodie, which will be part of the players wardrobe during training.

Travel N Training Noodie

  • This thing is so soft, it may just replace your pillow. Even if you have a nice pillow.
  • It features Reebok’s  new Play Dry® polyester material, which wicks away moisture.
  • What makes this more than just another comfy hoodie are the cuffs, which instead of being ribbed are tapered.
  • Like the other great training hoodies we’ve seen come in over the last couple months, it’s very light.


Lastly for today, we’re all suckers for scarves when it comes to hockey.

  • Featuring a smooth striped pattern for each team, it falls more along the lines of European team scarves instead of winter scarves.
    (Which is cool, not all of us want snowflakes on our scarves)
  • Other than that, it’s just a cool looking, warm feeling scarf.
  • Credit to Reebok on this for getting the color right. Athletic gold isn’t always the easier color to make in different fabrics and keep consistent.


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