Five Tips for Running in Summer Weather

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Running in Summer Weather

Well I guess you can say the humidity has arrived, although it will definitely be getting worse.  If you have spent any time in Nashville then you know how humid it is in the summer here.  The heat and humidity makes for a great pool day, however it doesn’t make for such great running weather.

It’s this time of year, every year, that I experience my worst burnout phase. It’s partly because I have just finished a race, but also because it isn’t the most enjoyable running weather. (It gets to the point where I don’t want to run to the mailbox, let alone go on a ten mile run!)Summer Running

So I thought I would share some running tips for making your summer runs bearable, and safe!


I know this seems like an obvious one. However I don’t just mean stay hydrated while you run.  Staying hydrated before and after you run is equally important.  I can tell a huge difference in my morning runs when I haven’t had much water the evening before.  I am also the worst at getting home after a run and getting busy, rushing around, and not drinking an adequate amount of water to recover. Water is key to surviving summer runs.


The time of day you run will also be a factor.  I am an early morning person, so that works for me.  If you aren’t a morning exerciser, then evenings are better than mid day. If there is ever a time to make adjustments to your running schedule, this is it.  Staying out of the sun during peak hours will make a difference in the way you feel.


Here is another one that I’m guilty of forgetting.  I have started using a facial moisturizer with SPF 50 in it so I am not exposing myself to the harmful effects of the sun while I run.  I have come in from a run as early as 8 and still had some burning on my face.  Our summers are hot and the sun is fierce.  Keeping a spray handy for your shoulders is a good idea as well.


If you can incorporate at least part of your run on a shady path or trial, it will help you hold on to some of the energy you are burning in the heat. It may mean that you have to make changes tour regular routine, but it will be worth it on order to sustain your endurance. In my neighborhood we have a trail and I try to out that in the middle of my run so it gives me a break from the heat.


Lightweight, dry fit, breathable running clothes are the way to go. Even wearing light colors can help.  I love black but I try to avoid black tops when I know the sun is out, it attracts the heat more than any color.  Wearing a running hat can also help protect your face from the sun, however it can make you hot.  If it makes you hot then try a visor, you will get the sun protection without the part that makes you retain heat.

While I know first hand how hard running can be in this heat, sticking with it can really help build your stamina.  For me it also boosts my confidence to know that I survived another Nashville summer of running!


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