Franklin Half Marathon: My First Race Post Boston

Franklin Half Marathon“Willpower knows no obstacles.”

This weekend is the second annual Franklin Half Marathon, and it is my first race since Boston.  Last year I did the Franklin Half Marathon and I swore I would never do it again.  It was without a doubt the hottest half marathon I have done.  Then I realized that the reason I was choosing to not do it again was because it was hard, and that was just not an acceptable reason.  Like you have read on my blog before, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you,” and I want to continue to get better and stronger.  I also decided that it is great practice for any future full marathons I do in the heat.  I am trying to strengthen my weaknesses, and hot weather running is one of them.  I am using this race as a test to see if I feel ready to tackle another full marathon at the end of August. (Yep, I said August…I may have officially lost my mind.)

From what I remember it is a fairly flat marathon with very little shade.  It is inexpensive compared to most races and it is not far from home.  This year they moved it up two weeks earlier so I don’t think it will be as brutally hot as last year.  They also moved the start time back to 6:30, which thrills me!

In preparation this week I am doing my best to eat right, drink a lot of water, and get enough sleep.  I have also been running about an hour later the last two Saturdays to try to prepare myself for the sun and the heat. My running playlists needed a little refreshing since I had really not downloaded new music since my Boston training.  Friday night I will definitely try to have a better meal than I ended up having the night before Boston.  (No dive bar food outside Fenway Park this time!)  I have already picked out my lightest weight Nike tank and a pair of Nike Tempo shorts to match.  (Look good, feel good, run good…there’s truth to that!) As far as my shoes, I am going back to what I am and always have been loyal to….my Saucony. I am looking forward to the trying new Saucony Rides this month, but this race I am going with my broken-in Saucony Triumphs, I have loved them.  They seem to breathe a little better than my Brooks Glycerin and make my feet sweat a little bit less. I am undecided on whether or not I am going with a Dri-FIT hat, when it’s really hot it can make things worse. (Yet the shade is good.) It may be a last minute decision.

Propper planning prevent poor performance I don’t know that this is a race I will ever have an overall PR at but I definitely aim to beat my time last year and win my age group again! Most of all I want to have fun and I am excited to be going with a few girlfriends. Of course I will update the blog when it is over! (Right after I hit the pool!)

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  1. Hey, linked to you from your comment on Determined to be Fit. The long runs take a lot of mental strength when you run at pace that makes the run take a lot of time. I am in the same boat. I hope you do great on your half! Sounds like you are doing great with your training.

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