Free your feet with the Nike Free Run

Last week during TRX Pilates class, my trainer, Kellie Green, was raving about the Nike Free Run she had picked up at Sport Seasons the week before.   Kellie has been doing interval training, and we had talked about new running shoes for her for several weeks before she came in and decided on the Free’s.   Here’s her take so far:  “I love the Nike Free shoes.  They feel very natural.  Instead of having to adjust to the shoe, the shoe adjusts to you. They give me the movement of running barefoot, but I have some cushion.  I find the cushion important since I run on the road. My only concern is the life of the sole. Since I’m new to the shoes I’ll see how long they last with the interval sprints that I do.  That’s only because I sprint on the road, if I was on a track I’m sure it would be different.”~ Kellie

I’ve had several pairs of Free’s, both the 5.0 and 7.0, and loved each pair.   But the new Nike Free Run might be the best one yet.   I’m not sure I’m ready for barefoot running, I’ll keep my feet in Free’s, thank you.  As for that Pilates class, I held my first 2 minute plank.  Not too shabby!

~Contributed by staff member JC.

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