The Influence of a Mom… Plus Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Happy Mothers Day

“Setting an example is not the main means of influencing another, it is the only means.” – Albert Einstein

This weekend is Mother’s Day.  I love Mother’s Day because it is a day that children as well as adults are reminded just how important their moms are, and it reminds me how important my role as a mother is. I have saved every craft and card I have gotten on Mother’s Day for the last 9 years.  Let’s be honest though, it’s also fun to get gifts and just be celebrated. (What woman doesn’t like gifts?) I can usually count on my husband being out shopping the Saturday before.  (He’s a good gift giver, just a last minute shopper!) Now my children are a little older so they can have an opinion on what my actual Mother’s Day gift is.  When I decided to blog about Mother’s Day this week, I thought it would be fun to ask my kids what they thought I would like as a Mother’s Day gift.  Children are so perceptive that I was curious to see how well they knew me and my interests.  Here is what they said……

Gabby,  Age 11-“a sport/running outfit or a necklace”

Jayden, Age 8- “Reese’s fast breaks and new shoes for running”

Awesome Card

Blake,  Age 6- “muffins”

Emery , Age 4- “new shorts for Boston and running clothes”(she doesn’t even know what Boston is, but she sure knows it was important to me!)

Notice a theme here?  Food and running…..are they reading my blogs?! It’s just that they know me, they watch and they observe. This brings me to a very good point. Sometimes we all, me included, forget how our actions and the way we live are so influential on our children. How we eat and our physical fitness and activity are included in that.  My father was a runner and my mother always walked and exercised as well.  Research all across the board suggests that teaching kids to stay active can prevent childhood obesity, promote self -awareness, and increase self- confidence. I cannot think of a better motivator than my children. They are the only things that trump my love of sweets as my main motivation to run.

So if you are looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas (and diamonds aren’t in the budget)… Here are a few that I think would be a huge hit. (Moms if you are looking for ideas to suggest, you can have your husbands’ read this blog!)

If you have kids that are active in sports like me, you spend a lot of time at soccer fields and baseball fields.  If you’re not there on a Saturday, you may be at birthday parties or even just at home having the glorious pleasure of doing laundry.  Under Armour apparel is perfect for all of those things, as well as exercising.

Tempo Shorts

Whether you are an avid exerciser or not, the Nike Tempo short is extremely flattering on everyone and it comes in a lot of different colors! During the hot summers, they are perfect for everyday.  I am pretty sure it is impossible to have them in too many colors.

Team Gear

“If mom is a sports fan, you can never have too much fan gear,” said the UT Grad! T-shirts, jerseys, chairs, cups, sweatshirts, and pajama pants are just a few of the great gift options we have for Mother’s Day.  Here’s a few of my favorites for women.

Good socks are a great add on gift and something moms often don’t buy for themselves. Two of my very favorites are Feetures and Swiftwick.  Nice

socks are really such a luxury, since most moms spend the majority of their waking hours on their feet!

Another great gift is a classic pair of black workout pants or capri pants.  They are a staple of a woman’s wardrobe and you can never have too many pairs!  Sport Seasons has several styles and brands to choose from! These are just a few suggestions for Mother’s Day gift ideas!  In store you can find a vast array of team gear as well as a great selection of women’s workout apparel and shoes!  Visit us today or shop online at!  Being a mom really is a huge job, so treat mom exceptionally well this Mother’s Day!

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