Inside the New MLB Caps

It’s not like there a surplus of shade during a day game. Cover your melon, and look good.

It’s no secret that hats and baseball will forever be linked. It’s one America’s great fashion statements, and it has spilled into other sports and become part of our culture. The hats of Major League Baseball are in great hands with company like NewEra, ’47 Brand, Nike, and others.

As a company, we turn to a gentleman named Chip who handles everything that’s built to shade your eyes from the sun. With baseball season on the horizon, I asked him a few questions about this year’s lineup of hats.

Dan: The only MLB team that updated their hats are the Astros, reverting to their classic color scheme. What are your early impressions of this look?
Chip: A great return to traditional colors;  Im a fan of it.

Dan: I was working with the new signs for the sales floor and noticed all but a handful of teams use red or blue as their primary color. Given the new look and feel of the Astros this year, Baltimore going back to their old logo and Miami’s new uniforms (last year), will we eventually see more colors creep back into the MLB?

Chip: Not for onfield headwear; but you’ll continue to see unique color combinations promoted in the fashion segment of caps/hats.

Dan: NewEra has made some news as of late with the fabric texture of the batting practice hats. What can we look to in the future with this newer fabric?
Chip: Very likely that it’s success at the MLB  (Batting Practice) level will open the doors to more exposure of the new Diamond Tech material.

Dan: For the fan that wants a more relaxed and comfy, worn-in feel, what is coming down the pipeline from ’47 Brand?
Chip: More worn/frayed accents, more hits on the cap bill, garment washing on new material expected as well.

Dan: Lastly, is there any style you’re particularly looking forward to getting your hands on this season? Or can you share that?
Great stuff ahead... stay tuned,  it will be worth the wait.
He’s usually right on this sort of thing. We’ve already started to see some of the relaxed fit inventory trickle in, such as the Grapple Hat (as seen above). Baseball fans won’t be disappointed in what retailers such as us will be carrying this year.





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