Kids Rock Nashville: The Nashville Kids Marathon

Kids Rock Nashville

The Nashville Kids Marathon!


Okay, so maybe I am a little bit biased when it comes to this event. Marathons are a passion of mine so it only makes sense that I love the mini version of it that Nashville has for the kids, The Nashville Kids Rock Marathon. It is Sunday April 26, 2015. I have tried not to push this on my kids, basically so I don’t end up being that parent forcing their children to share my hobbies. However this year, they are all participating! (Willingly, by the way!)

Many schools across middle Tennessee have programs in place with the Physical Education department that allows the children to rack up their miles during P.E. class. Many schools also have a great presence at the race and are there to support the participants from their school.

The race for grades 1-7 is a mile and it is half a mile for Kindergarten. However leading up to the race they should be logging more miles. Many of the training programs have kids running a total of 25.2 miles so that after they run their last mile, they will have logged 26.2 miles, just like the big marathoners! Kids will receive a goody bag, a medal, a t-shirt, and their own bib! (Just like mom or dad!) The benefits of exercise for children, are no different than that for adults.

Exercise for Children


– Builds self-esteem
– Burns calories
– Allows them to channel their energy and bring about good behavior
– Good cardiovascular benefits
– Promotes good moods and confidence
– Builds strong muscles and bones

This Kids Rock Marathon is the perfect opportunity to introduce children into racing. Who knows? Maybe they will find their passion in it and will sign up for a 5K soon after. Either way, it is a fun and exciting day for everyone involved. If your school isn’t involved yet, get them involved! It is a great event for the children.

And remember we are our children’s best example. So this is a great opportunity to exercise with your kids!


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