Analyze your Running Style with Mizuno

I’ve written about my all time favorite running shoe, the Mizuno Wave Inspire.   I’m a moderate over-pronator with terrible flat feet, and this is the shoe that works best with my running style.  I’m on my 7th or 8th pair.

Mizuno Running StyleMizuno has a pretty cool tool you should check out – Mizuno Precision Fit.  Through a series of questions, it helps you analyze your biomechanics and running style, helping you find the right shoe.  Even if you prefer another brand – Asics, Brooks, Nike, Saucony, New Balance – you can benefit from this quick analysis.

Not surprisingly, my results were, “You moderately over-pronate (roll inward) during the stance phase. Therefore you require running shoes that offer extra medial support to control this movement.” The recommendation is right on and a good starting point.  After completing the analysis, there is some great info on strength training and stretching.  All in all, really good stuff.

If you try out the analysis – let us know what you thought, and what your all time favorite running shoe is.


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