Mizuno Wave Creation 17 Shoe Review

Mizuno Wave Creation running shoe

I don’t know if it’s the fact that I turned 38 (and I’m approaching 40), but I have finally branched out! I have worn so many pairs of Saucony and Brooks running shoes that I lost count over a decade ago. This time when I went to pick a new pair up, I was obviously feeling adventurous. The manager at Sport Seasons’ White Bridge location talked me into trying on the Mizuno Wave Creation 17. I have tried Mizunos on before, and historically I have always chosen other shoes over them. This time I tried them on and I instantly liked the spring I felt in my step. I was intrigued. The cushioning is very different than the cushioning I am used to in running shoes. Something about it appealed to me that day so I decided to try them!

The Wave Creation is a neutral, cushioned running shoe. Mizuno claims the shoes are cushiony yet lightweight, responsive, and compact. I would agree with all of this. The shoe hugs your foot when you lace it up, which I really like. It has a stretchy mesh lacing system that is fantastic. It makes your foot feel supported and secure. The shoe is built to last for many miles, which is good for someone like myself who is training for a marathon. The AirMesh (as they call it) allows for breathability which is important. The shoe is also more supportive in the heel than some other shoes I have worn.
What was different for me was the firmness of the shoe. The shoe is cushioned, no doubt about that, but the structure of the shoe is more rigid. At first this scared me and I almost backed out of buying them. If I compare it to the new Saucony Triumphs I had been wearing then it’s tough. The Triumphs have an amazingly soft, comfy-to-the-touch cushion. After running in the Mizuno Wave Creation twice, I was sold. Once I started running the firmness of the shoe didn’t bother me, and it actually felt very supportive. I cannot say for sure that the shoes are the reason, but I can tell you that once I started wearing these, my average pace per mile improved noticeably. It was so noticeable in fact that I had to ask some of the shoe gurus at Sport Seasons. I looked back through my Nike App and saw a definitive mark of improvement from my first run in these shoes. The theory behind Mizuno’s shoe is that there is less energy loss with their Wave technology. That energy I retained may have contributed to my improved performance. I would even dare say I have had less soreness and leg pain since I tried this shoe. I have to say, I’m a believer!

After three runs in a row in the Creations, I put my Triumphs back on for a run. They felt very different. I love the Triumphs too but I very quickly had gotten used to the structure of the Wave Creation. I am impressed. I never thought it could happen. I have worn my Mizunos 3:1 over my other shoes. I got the all purple and I do like them. The price is comparable to the Brooks Glycerin and The Saucony Triumph. It comes down to preference. You cannot go wrong with any of these shoes. I can say with certainty that this will NOT be my last pair of Mizuno Wave Creations. I am officially a fan.

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