Mizuno Wave Inspire 9 – Staff Review

We look forward to this time of year, because here (where we’re based) we start seeing the first races of the year scheduled, and the arrival of the newest running shoes. One that’s a big hit around our company is the Mizuno Wave Inspire 9’s. Not too long ago we let noted running, shoe, and running shoe expert Barry test drive a pair. Here’s what he reported back:

Just in, the Inspire is excellent for preventing moderate over pronating. The wave system used in the Wave Inspire 9 is flexible for shock attenuation, but rigid toward the medial side of the shoe and really works well. The newly re-designed upper provides a glove like fit, with less weight, and re-enforcement where needed to make this shoe comfortable and protective with a sleek look.


Most folks get an “acquired taste” for Mizuno shoes after trying them on. If you’re looking for a shoe with good support and impact absorption, you might want to try these on. Just a thought.

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