Mizuno Wave Rider 16 – Staff Review

Mizuno Wave Rider 16 Review


Mizuno continues to bring a solid neutral cushioned offering in the 16th version of the Wave Rider.

After adjusting the problems the 14 had in fit, the Wave Rider 15 was excellent, bringing back a good fit overall, and great cushion.  Now with the Wave Rider 16, Mizuno has kept a good fit, the medium width having just enough volume for most, as well as a simplified upper, with less stitching to cause irritation. It looks good (of course, a subjective view). It has a fairly soft and substantial feel underneath the foot, yet with the wave system of shock attenuation, it will keep Mizuno’s signature attribute of providing less loss of energy from the cushioning aspects. Sort of like running in firm sand as opposed to the extra effort needed while running in soft sand.

The most noticeable feature about this latest version: it is lighter! Mizuno has shaved off over half an ounce (Men’s size 9 sample). This is good news, it weighs just a bit more than the light trainer, the Wave Precision, but offers a great amount of protection from impact for miles and miles of training. And it won’t weigh down most runners for that next 5 or 10k race.

Get out there,

Barry (Crazy Legs)




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