Nashville Predators New Home & Road Jerseys

Seems like every year the beginning of the NHL Hockey season sneaks up on us.  We won’t lie to you; football season takes precedent in the south and at Sport Seasons.  It’s a huge portion of our business between September 1 and the end of January.

This year feels different though.  The NFL just ended a lockout, and that did affect business, no matter what anybody says to the contrary. College is going through a period where it seems like every school is struggling with minor or major NCAA infractions.  People still support their football teams and want them to win, but maybe they are playing the wait and see game.

Hockey is another story. This last season was incredible with the Preds getting past the first round for the first time in their history.  Sure they’ve lost some incredible players like Steve Sullivan and Joel Ward, but they’ve retained Shea Weber and have a lot of hope last season will be a springboard to the future, starting in a few weeks.

The other reason this year feels different for us is simple: Hockey fans are awesome. We have really enjoyed building a relationship with some fantastic folks. Our local Predators fans are great at letting us know when we do well and when we don’t, what they’d like to see us carry and what we are missing.

The Predators announced they would be unveiling a new logo, to go on new Home and Road jerseys. The jerseys were unveiled in June, but would not be available until the fall. Fans didn’t want to wait for something with the new logo, so we brought in some key pieces. The response has been great.

On Thursday 9/22/2011 Sport Seasons will be the Nashville Predators’ Exclusive Retail Partner in the sale of the Home & Road jerseys to the public. We are very excited to be involved with the Predators organization, and to be able to serve such a tremendous fan base.


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