National Adopt A Sock Monkey Campaign

In recent times an epidemic has quietly been taking place. Unbeknownst to most individuals, the rate of Sock Monkey adoption has fallen dramatically in the past years. Thousands of Sock Monkeys have been forced to live in relative “captivity” in retail environments. During the day the sock monkeys are forced to work long hours of manual labor under unfavorable conditions. At night, they are subjected to live in small bins, sharing close living spaces with other varieties of stuffed animals.

But there is hope. You the individual can make a difference in maybe not just 1 but many sock monkeys’ lives. The Sport Seasons’ Sock Monkey Adopt-a-thon has begun and many have responded. You can be one more to help bring an end to the sad plight of the Sock Monkey. Please help. Our mission has become to unite you with the monkey best for you. Please see our Adoption Page. The Sock Monkey will be sent directly to your home. Some Sock Monkeys have already found good homes and are leading fulfilled lives. There are various Monkeys for adoption and all wish to be loved. Please don’t wait. Time is precious, especially to Sock Monkeys.

You Can Make All the Difference in the Life of a Sock Monkey. Will you?

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