Never Let Your Sports Bra See a Birthday

It’s true, most sports bras need replacing between 6-12 months, depending on usage. Let’s face it, our bras are almost more important than any other part of our running gear, right up there with our favorite running shoes. Not enough support can irreversibly stretch fragile ligaments, leading to sagging. But how do you get the right fit in a sports bra? Here are a few tips to remember:

Pick the right activity: Check the activity level – the bra that works fine for yoga won’t have the same impact protection for running.

Focus on fit: A tight sports bra can hinder your ability to breathe deeply, which can slow your running. You want a sports bra that feels snug, but not tight. Try this test: Put your running bra on, and clap your hands over your head. If the band of the bra slides up your torso, it’s too tight. Heavier fabric and construction provide better support than lighter fabric. You should be able to fit two fingers under the straps. Test the bra by jumping up and down in front of the dressing room mirror. Select the one that allows your breasts to move the least, but still feels comfortable.

Size vary: Just like that half size difference you notice in running shoe brands, sports bra brands can have a different idea of what a 36B is. Bring three bras into the dressing room with you – the cup size you normally wear, plus a smaller and a larger one. If the material wrinkles or bunches, the bra is too big. And if there’s skin bulging out in spots or if the seams are cutting into you, then it’s too small.

Now, with the right fit in the right bra, go conquer that workout.



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