Nike Barre Class: Meet Me at the Barre

Nike Barre Class: Meet Me at the Barre

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The Bar (Barre) Method is a workout method that focuses on flexibly and strengthening muscle groups. The ballet bar has become synonymous with the bar method because the fusion of ballet and Pilate’s style workouts. The isometric nature of the work often involves using your own body as weight or structure as part of the exercise.

One of the reasons that many women like the Bar method is that it features muscle lengthening exercises. This means you tend to get toned without the bulk that some types of exercises cause. You get the “dancer’s body” look instead of the body builder physic.

If you like Pilates, this may be a great alternative to your regular workout. There are local gyms that are featuring classes and even studios that all they do are bar classes. Xtend Barre Nashville is one in the Franklin/Brentwood area. In Nashville, there is The Bar Method. For the at home version, you YouTube features the BarreBody channel.

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