Preparing for the Boston Marathon

Set a goal so big you can’t achieve it, until you grow into the person who can.”- Unknown

Boston Strong

Less than a week is left before the Boston Marathon!  I am excited, yet nervous. I get nervous before any marathon, but this one even more so.  The later start time and the logistics of running in a new and very big city contribute most to my nerves this time.  I have also never done an out of town marathon without a friend that is also running. Let’s just say I am not the best when it comes to logistics and directions.  I think I have read so much about the race that it is overwhelming!  Thankfully I have gotten advice from a friend who has run the race before (thank you David!). With the hilliest part more towards the end of the course, holding back a bit in the first half is going to be crucial for me because I am definitely a first half runner. I am excited because I know this is going to be such an emotional, amazing, and inspiring run, and I love to be inspired.  I am hoping that will give all of us running it a little extra energy.  I am counting on some really great pictures and some amazing memories.

Stephanie in  Brooks

I have put in the training miles, yet there is a lot still to factor in.  There’s the weather and what to wear, the travel time to the actual race and the logistics, the food and hydration, getting to the expo to pick up my packet, and many other things as well.  It is always different to run an out of town race because you don’t have the comfort of your own home and your own things to get ready with.  Food for example can be tricky when you travel to run.  I always pack what I know I am going to want to eat because when staying in a hotel, you may not have access to all that you need.  What I have always eaten before a full marathon is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (heavy on the peanut butter) and a banana. I usually carry a banana with me to the start line in case I need a bite or two right before we run.  Although I normally am not a Gatorade fan, I do sip on it the morning before a marathon, and water too of course! I have already bought my GU’s and Sport Beans that I will take with me to the actual race.

I do have to say the weather is looking borderline perfect for a marathon.  (Knock on wood!) The high for the day should be in the upper 50’s with temps around 40 when we wake up! (Rain unlikely, could not ask for better weather!)  I will definitely bring a throw away sweatshirt for the start line.  The good thing is that all of the items thrown down will be collected and donated.  So…. what to wear is the question.  I am on the fence between running shorts and my all time favorite Asics running capris.  I will be wearing my favorite Nike tank (VERY bright yellow) and have yet to decide if I will be wearing anything over it.  My biggest decision right now is my shoes.  I have two pairs that I love so much that it makes it hard to choose.  I have a pair of Saucony Rides and a pair of Brooks Glycerin.  Both are amazing.

Stephanie in Saucony

The bright yellow Brooks match my favorite tank (shouldn’t matter but somehow it does!), it’s just that I am usually a Saucony loyalist.

So I am taking it easy this week and trying to stay hydrated, eliminate sugar (hardest thing EVER!), and a lot of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and good carbs such as whole wheat bread, oatmeal, granola, and more. By Thursday I will cut out anything high in fiber to eliminate my chances for any digestive issues!  I am as prepared as I am going to be, I feel like I have been preparing for 5 straight years, which is whyI can’t believe it is finally here, I get excited every time I think about it. I am looking forward to the amazing crowds there to cheer everyone on, I have heard that the sheer volume of the crowds alone will send chills up your spine!  Cannot wait…..Boston here I come!

Check back next week to hear how it went.  Hopefully I will get pictures and updates sent quickly through the Sport Seasons Facebook page.


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  1. The Rides are lighter, but the Glycerins more cushion. (and the right color)
    Expecting possibly a million spectators! No pressure 🙂 Enjoy

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