The Richland Creek Run and My Addiction to Distance

In it for the long run Richland Ready

This past weekend I ran the Richland creek 5 mile run. The timing seemed perfect because I am tapering for Boston and I thought a 5 mile race would be a nice, fast speed training day as well. I first have to say I was way overdressed.  With this crazy weather in Nashville it is hard to predict and the 40’s can feel colder some days than others.  I wore my Asics Half Zip and a tank, but would have been better off in a good long sleeve running shirt…I was a little warm!  The good thing though about half zips is that you can unzip them and let a little air in! The Richland Creek run benefits Nashville’s Greenways, which as a city we are fortunate to have and need to maintain. The race was small but very well run, with under 300 finishers. I would definitely recommend it.  I think it’s great when we can participate in a race and support our community at the same time.

I tried to find a balance of pushing to get some fast miles in but not pushing so hard that I ended up too sore (since Boston is two weeks away). As usual I started way too fast by running a 6:20 first mile. So I slowed it down and averaged a 7:05 at the end which won me 1st place in my age group and 3rd place for overall women. (I was ok with that although it wasn’t my best 5 mile run….and the bonus was that I won a cool mug!). The thing about Saturday was that I am not used to running just 5 miles on a Saturday.  For well over a decade Saturday has been my “long run” day. It was especially odd for me right now because I am training for my 4th full marathon in less than two years. I am addicted to distance running, and I admit it. Just ask my husband about my mood when I don’t get my long runs in….he will be happy to share that with anyone. (Hey, there are worse things to be addicted to right?!)

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