Richland Creek Run 2015 Review – A Great Race for Everyone

Richland Creek Run Poster RCR Stephanie ready to run

This past weekend I participated in the Richland Creek Run 5 Mile Race.  It was my second time to participate.  I like this race because it is 5 miles and not a 5K, so it helps me practice my race pace for the upcoming Country Music Marathon.  This run benefits Greenways for Nashville and it only about a $25 registration fee.  As a runner, I love that there is a race that actually helps keep up the greenways that so many of us love to use as part of our path.  As a city we are fortunate to have these and we have to maintain them if we want to keep them beautiful.  There was also a kid’s run and there were even several dogs out that day.  I like this race because it is very welcoming and not intimidating to anyone of any level.  There were walkers and there were crazy fast runners.  There were lots of families as well.  It was a beautiful day, started off chilly but warmed up quickly.  I wore my Nike Element in my favorite blue.  It is without a doubt an essential piece of running and even just active gear.  You can layer to make it warmer or just stick a light tank underneath.  Half way through I had to unzip the half zip to let a little air in!  I also decided to go with my Saucony Triumph ISOs, although I have just gotten a new pair of Glycerins I am breaking in for the marathon.  I love both shoes so much that sometimes I have to decide by either what color matches (fashion is always key) or whatever pair I come across first.


 RCR race bib  RCR  running shoes


For me I wanted to hold about a 7:10-7:15 pace because that is about what I will hope to run the first 7 miles at in a few weeks during the marathon. Of course I could go outside and practice that pace any day, but there is just something about a race that always makes you run faster!  I ended up averaging a 7:12 so I hope that means I am on track for my marathon…..but who knows when race day comes what will happen! The race organizers do their age grouping a little differently.  I think they like to give as many people as possible a chance to place in something.  (Which is pretty cool!)  At age 37, I was considered in the Masters age group.  (Yeah that made me feel old!) There was Masters (30 and up), Grand Masters (40 and up) and Senior Masters (50 and up).  So I was first in my 35-39 age group and 2nd  in Masters (30-39).

If you have not participated in this run, I recommend adding it to next year’s list.  It’s a great race for a great cause, and a great way to start a Saturday!!!

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