Running Playlist: All I Need Is the Road and My Music

all I need

For many of the miles I have run through the years I have been fortunate enough to have friends to join me.  I often even have friends that are kind enough to text me and tell me to get my butt out of bed because it is time for us to meet!  (After 5 alarms and 2 texts I am up and ready!) For the days and the miles that I do it alone, I have my music.  Refreshing my playlist is something that gives me extra motivation to get out of bed and it gives me more desire to stay out there when I am doing a 20 miler alone.  I am so picky about my music.  I am also moody about my music, some days I am just in the mood for something different.  Many times I have watched my pace closely on my Nike App and I can literally see my pace either slow down or speed up depending on how the song is making me feel.  I have repeated the same song many times in a row if I am feeling it and I am making good time!

I love asking my friends if they have downloaded any good, new songs.  Sometimes two or three new songs can make a world of difference.  So I thought I would share some of my favorite songs from the past year and ask anyone to comment and share some of theirs!  Here are 30 of my favs!

  1. Uptown Funk, Bruno Marsmusic makes me stronger
  2. Black Widow, Iggy Azalea
  3. Fancy, Iggy Azalea
  4. Ten Feet Tall, Afrojack
  5. Sugar, Maroon 5
  6. Blank Space, Taylor Swift
  7. Style, Taylor Swift
  8. Lips Are Movin’, Meghan Trainor
  9. Shake It Off, Taylor Swift
  10. Ghost, Ella Henderson
  11. Something In the Water, Carrie Underwood
  12. All About that Bass, Meghan Trainor
  13. Animals, Maroon 5
  14. Love Runs Out, One Republic
  15. She Looks So Perfect, 5 Seconds of Summer
  16. Me and My Broken Heart, Rixton
  17. Roller Coaster, Luke Bryan
  18. Burnin’ It Down, Jason Aldean
  19. Stuck On a Feeling, Prince Royce featuring Snoop Dogg
  20. Treasure, Bruno Mars
  21. Boom Clap, Charli XCX
  22. Break Free, Ariana Grande
  23. Jealous, Nick Jonas
  24. Problem, Ariana Grande
  25. Chandalier, Sia
  26. Heartbeat Song, Kelly Clarkson
  27. Leave the Night On, Sam Hunt
  28. Trophies, Drake
  29. Ready to Run,  One Direction
  30. Happy, Pharrell Williams


Some people say that running with music can increase your performance by 15%.  Then you can read other articles that argue against it.  I think it is just dependent on the person, and for me I KNOW I need it!!  (No I won’t tell you the story again about my ipod freezing up at mile 5 of the St. Louis marathon!) Of course we are all different and have different tastes, so my playlist may do nothing for any of you!  I do encourage changing up your music and making new playlists. I ALWAYS create a new playlist and add new music the week of a race so I have new songs on race day.

So comment and share your songs and playlists if you will!!


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