Running the Race Across the Spectrum 5K

This past weekend I participated in the Race Across the Spectrum 5K at Crockett Park in Brentwood.  It was a benefit for The Brown Center which is a non-profit organization that helps children with Autism. The community support and sponsorship was amazing!  Several companies including Sport Seasons, Pure Protein, Lindell Jewelers, and Vanderbilt University made donations to this race.  There was just shy of 300 participants. It is a newer 5K so hopefully the turnout will grow each year.  It is definitely a race that you could walk, run, or even push a stroller.  It was definitely hot and sunny, so I just had to remind myself that my time out there was going to brief in comparison to a marathon.  I tried to use that mentality to push myself a little harder.

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The organization was great at the race and the water bags that they had at the Franklin Half were there as well.  I loved seeing the support of another local company! I also was pretty impressed with the post race snacks! Sometimes at a smaller race and a shorter one like this, there isn’t really ant post race food at all!  There was tons of fresh fruit, some amazing and huge muffins (the double chocolate chip was my favorite, of course!), and there were tons of Pure Protein bars as well!

Brown Center MuffinsBrown Center Postrace FoodThis was my first 5K in quite some time.  I finished in 21:31, which was a 6:56 pace and I was actually the first girl to finish!  The first guy to finish was a crazy fast finishing in 16:16 which is a 5:14 mile!  We both won gift certificates that were donated by Sport Seasons and Lindell Jewelers!  That was a fun way to start the Saturday!  I hope this race continues to grow because it supports such a great place and such a great cause.

Here are a few facts about Autism that you may not be aware of:

  • The CDC indicates that approximately 1 in 68 American children are on the Autism spectrum.
  • Autism does not discriminate against cultures or ethnicities
  • It is the fastest growing developmental disability in the United States today
  • It costs a family on average $60,000 a year for Autism treatment and therapies

If you would like to find other ways to support The Brown Center, you can contact them with the information below:

The Brown Center

2702 Greystone Road

Nashville, TN 37214

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  1. Steph, Inspiring article, wonderful cause which touches close to home, and fantastic finish for yourself ‘ )
    Keep it up !!

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