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Saucony Ride

I am guessing that over the last 18 years I have bought well over 75 pairs of running shoes. I would also say that ninety percent of those have been Saucony. I have always worn one of Saucony’s neutral, cushion running shoes. Years ago I started with the Grid Webb which eventually became the Grid Triumph. After one revision of the Triumph I didn’t care for, I switched to the Saucony Ride . I have pretty much been a huge fan since the switch. The Ride is actually a less expensive shoe than the Triumph, yet to me offers the same comfort at an even lighter weight. I can’t even begin to count how many friends I have suggested the Ride to, they are all repeat buyers now as well!

So this week I started running in the just released Saucony Ride 7. It was the Editor’s Choice in this year’s Runner’s World summer shoe guide. It received the highest scores out of 22 shoes they reviewed. The Ride claims to be the lightest revision yet, with still a great deal of cushion. I have to say after a few runs in them, I definitely believe that. Keep in mind, that the shoes I have mainly worn for the last 3 months were the Triumph, Saucony’s more expensive cushion running shoe. I would say the Triumph may have a little more cushion in the forefoot, but in my opinion it is not enough to make a big impact. One thing I will definitely say the Ride offers over the Triumph is more flexibility. From the very first run, the Ride is a noticeably flexible, cushion shoe. The Ride 7 is the lightest one yet with a weight of 8.5 ounces verses 9.3 ounces for the Triumph. I have read many times to never buy more shoe than you need. That is why this time I went with the Ride. I am very satisfied with the new revision and I feel confident that anyone who tries it would be as well! I think the Ride is a shoe that could be a great fit for a lot of runners.

I also tried on the new Brooks Ghost, which is Brook’s comparable shoe to the Saucony Ride. I felt the comfort was much better with the Ride. The Ghost was a bit stiff for me, but still a great shoe. This weekend I am running my first race in my new shoes. I am running in the RC Cola and Moonpie 10 Miler in Bell Buckle, Tennessee. It happens to be one of my favorite races of the whole year. More people run the race than actually live in Bell Buckle. There is a festival and crafts fair immediately after the race, and there are many amazing snacks! (Think fried Oreos and fresh squeezed lemonade!)

If you are looking for a new shoe, the Ride is one I would try first. In the Saucony line, the Triumph and the Ride are top notch shoes in my opinion. For me, Brooks are a close second, with the Brooks Glycerin and the Ghost being two of the best cushion running shoes as well. Good running shoes are so important. I have people ask me often about aches and pains they are having in their legs or their feet. More often than not, their shoes are part of the problem. It could be a bad fit or shoes that are too old and are worn out. Running shoes are worth the money…every penny. So I say……”Life is short, buy the shoes”

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