St. Jude’s Marathon – Giving Help for Hope

St Jude Marathon

“Once you choose hope, anything is possible.” – Christopher Reeve

In 5 weeks on December 6th, 2014, my friend Jenifer and I will be running the St. Jude’s Marathon in Memphis. This will be my third time running this race. It is without a doubt the most inspiring marathon I have ever done. Last year I ran as what they call a St. Jude’s Hero, meaning that I signed up to raise money for the children at the hospital. This year I’m going to do something a little different and we are going to ask for everyone’s help.

Help for Hope

Hope ReynoldsA high school friend of mine, Gwen Reynolds, has spent more than the last year taking care of her 3 year old daughter Hope who is battling a very rare form of cancer. She has spent a great deal of time at St. Jude’s hospital in Memphis and is back there again now. As a mother, when I think of how hard this must be for her whole family it is unfathomable for me to comprehend. Hope’s mom Gwen has such an inspiring and positive attitude. I have so much admiration for that. Following Hope’s story and knowing that we are headed to Memphis for this marathon made me realize that I didn’t want to just raise money for St. Jude’s this year. Jenifer and I decided we want to run every mile for Hope and that any money we raised would go straight to Hope and her family.

A Go Fund Me account has been set up for Hope. You can read more details about Hope and her courageous fight. I cannot imagine the pain this Hope Reynolds Cute Smilesweet little girl and her family have endured. Please go to Hope’s page and read about her story and her courageous battle. I am going to ask that anyone and everyone that can give for her cause, do just that. For everyone that donates before December 6th, I will be putting their names in a hat and one lucky winner will receive a $100 Sport Seasons gift card!!! So not only will you be giving to an amazing cause and am amazing family, you are entering a chance to win! Another thing that I am asking is that EVERYONE that reads this, share the blog on your Facebook status. The more people that see her web page, the more chances we will have to help them meet Hope’s goal!!!

Whether you are a parent or not, there is no way this little girl won’t tug at your heartstrings. So here are just a few ways to think about donating. I am running 26.2 miles and Jenifer is running 13.1. So collectively we are running 39.3 miles. Whether you can give $1 a mile and donate #39.30, or even just 50 cents a mile and donate $19.65. Any flat donation of $5, $10, or $15 is great! Any donation at all will get your name in the hat for the gift card! There is NO better reason to give than to help a child. So please let’s help give help for Hope.

I will do the drawing after I return home from Memphis. So read about Hope, share the blog, and DONATE! Thank you all SO much in advance!!


When the world gives up, hope whispers try it one more time.

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