Staff Pick: ’47 Brand Caps

There are many types of ‘hat guy’. There is “wear a different hat every day of the month” hat guy. There is also “wear one hat until it falls apart” hat guy. Currently I’m working on outlasting a Predators Palmetto hat until it becomes a pile of cotton and thread. It’s been over a year, and it’s still going. I fall into the latter category.

Where ’47 Brand does some of their best work for is college sports. This year is no exception, and with a few new styles. Since image and text don’t do these awesome styles justice, we decided to have a closer look at these. And this is coming from a guy who wears hats until they no longer presentable (current hat has seen 6 states, and dozens of games, concerts, etc).

The Saluki

It’s grey on grey, so it’s made to go with whatever team gear you wear. No “does my orange/crimson match” questions need to be asked. It’s a flex-fit, so it’s a comfy snug fit no matter when your last haircut was. This hat is extremely soft, and slides on and off easily.


The embroidery is stellar as always, but doesn’t come across as bulky.


The Underhill

This mesh is softer than a stuffed animal I had when I was a kid. It’s also a flex-fit, which works great with the mesh. The subtle text and framing of the logo works great with the team color. Also, we have a few of these in MLB teams as well.



The Franchise Cap/The Clean-Up

This is the hat that has made ’47 famous. (And we have a unique history with the Tennessee Volunteers model we’ll have to visit before too long) It fits easy, and features a great embroidered logo on the front. The Franchise is fitted by size (S, M, L, XL) while the Clean-Up is adjustable. The Franchise will have a secondary logo or text in the back, while the Clean-Up will have a team slogan over the opening.
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There will be more on the way, so we’ll keep you updated on their latest offerings. Their baseball lineup is just now hitting our shelves, and their football catalog is en route as well.



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