Staff Pick Tuesday – Nike Legend Dri-Fit Poly Tee

Today we get to hear from our resident runner, Barry, on his new favorite workout tee.

A good looking tee that performs.

I have tried many synthetic fabrics for hot weather, some are okay, but in the humid southeast, it is difficult to be comfortable with any of them. Cotton has to be very thin, but then it doesn’t look fresh when it gets soaked with sweat, and won’t dry on your body ever! If one is exercising, many of the quick-dry fabrics do okay, but with the humidity, they still don’t dry quick enough to provide that evaporation cooling that can be so efficient for cooling off in dryer climates.

So I have found the Nike Legend Dri-Fit Poly tee. It does a good job of letting any breeze there might be flow through because it is a thin one layer fabric, and it does actually dry a bit faster than some of my running shirts that have a double layer of fine mesh-plus-liner construction.

The other benefit I find in this shirt is that I can wear it casually as a nice tee, it has a good finish, sort of a silk look, and doesn’t fit tight or oversized. It comes in lots of colors, and several shades of gray, from stone to charcoal.

Do a light workout, then you can meet up with friends or stop at the grocery on the way home without looking like you just got out of gym-class. Cool.



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