Staff Pick Tuesday – Nike Zoom Hyperdunk Supreme

It’s Staff Pick Tuesday, and today we hear from Jonathan at our Rivergate store about finding the right basketball shoe.

Don’t you hate when you go shopping for new basketball shoes and can never find the right pair? Well search no more. As a active basketball player I highly recommend the Nike Zoom Hyperdunk Supreme. A couple things I look for when I buy basketball shoes is……

1. Color– Everyone knows the rules of buying shoes. They have to look good and catch attention. That’s the point right? I like buying black just because it’s easier to stay clean and I can match different color shoe laces with my team colors.

2. Ankle Support– Over the years of playing basketball I have sprained my ankles a lot. So this is a huge trait I look for in a basketball shoe. The Hyperdunks have amazing Ankle Support. When I tried one on, my ankle felt tight and secure.

3. Light Weight– The average basketball shoe weighs 15 to 16 ounces. The Hyperdunk weighs around 12.5 ounces. I am sure you’re thinking, “It’s just ounces. Can it really make a difference?” Yes it can. Less weight on your feet means more energy to play.

4. Make-up– The Hyperdunk shoe consist of a lot of different qualities that make it better shoe. A small air pocket under your heel well give you a long-term comfort. With the amazing design of this shoe, comes Outstanding grip on the bottom. So no more sliding around the court.

So whenever you are having trouble finding a great basketball shoe, Remember stay C.A.L.M. and you will find exactly what you deserve. – Jonathan


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