The Best Sports Bras – Why They Matter

The Best Sports Bras – Why They Matter

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Nov 07

Moving Comfort Sports Bras

I have always felt like men were lucky. Things for them just seem to be easier in life, easier and less of a hassle. When it comes to buying clothes and deciding what to wear, they definitely have a much simpler decision. This holds true even for athletic apparel. For men it’s just shorts and a shirt, pants and a shirt, maybe a half zip or hoodie and they are good to go! For women, do we pick shorts, capris, running tights, and if so… solid or print? Then we decide on a top that matches and of course fits right. But then we have to have the right undergarments, and most importantly the right sports bra. For years I skimped on my sports bras, I figured you couldn’t see them under my shirt so I would get the cheapest ones they had and spend my money on other things. As I get older I realize that wasn’t the best decision!

So before I talk about my favorite sports bras, let me remind you ladies exactly why you need a good, supportive sports bra!

4 Reasons You Need a Good Supportive Sports Bra


1. The ligaments that give our girls support can stretch and sag from bouncing and other movements ……if they are not supported.
2. The better the bra, the more comfortable you will be!
3. Since most are made with sweat wicking materials, they help control the sweat and keep you cool.
4. Wearing a sports bra helps maintain the shape of your girls!

So now on to options and my favorites! I have to say that the Moving Comfort bras are my all time favorite. There are several styles to choose from and they all provide amazing comfort and support. The first one is the Moving Comfort Juno Bra. It has adjustable front straps, breathable mesh zones, and a unicup design to give stellar support.

The next is the Moving Comfort Fiona Bra. It has molded cups for comfort and support. It may not be quite as supportive as the Juno, but it is the perfect amount of support for someone who doesn’t need the heavy support.

The Moving Comfort Uplift Cross Back is a personal favorite. It is lightweight, supportive, and self-adjusting. It has a J hook closure for easy on and off. The comfort is off the charts. Lastly I also like the Moving Comfort Up Rise Cross Back. It is very similar to the UpLift, it just has more of an open back, so a little less support in the back.

Nike and Under Armor also make great sports bras, and Sport Seasons has a great selection of both. Taking the time to try on sports bras is important. Find the right bra for you, and don’t skimp! (Need tips on getting the right fit? – check out How to Choose the Best Sports Bra.) You will be so glad you invested in a few good sports bras. As a woman it is one of the most important articles of athletic clothing you will buy!

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