The Dream Team, catching some zzzzzzz

My most sincere thanks to Kevin Love of the Minnesota Timberwolves, for he hath given us this glorious photo.


And boy, there’s a lot to take away from this photo.

Let’s start with the front row, where we have a very comfortable and not really looking embarrassingly LeBron James. I’m pretty neutral on the eye masks, and the windbreaker. Out of everyone, LeBron at least has his dignity, even though he’s missing his headband. Chris Paul, sitting immediately to his left… well, not so much. No one is trying to be a model when they sleep, especially on a plane, and when you’re an NBA player. Paul is really missing someone, or is enjoying that minty smell that plane pillows tend to have. The Dr. Dre headphones seem to be a bit of a hit. But going back to Paul; of all the guys in this picture, he is not the one most likely to be wearing his own merch, or is he? That’s normally LeBron’s turf, but oh well.

In the second row we have the Oklahoma City Thunder players James Harden, who resembles Kimbo Slice more-so than normal, and a very chill looking Russell Westbrook. It’s hard to tell much about the shirt, due to the awesome beard and the position of being a little hunched over. Again, it makes him look like the aforementioned cage fighter. Westbrook is working with a “Maintain the Mystery” hat, which I had to search for about 4 minutes to find. (a long time on Google) Plus, check out the celestial glow from his Nike track jacket. I’m curious to see the effects on ones not worn by dynamic point guards.

On the back row it’s our good friend and former Kentucky standout Anthony Davis on the left, and Deron Williams on the right. Williams is sleeping like a rock, if a rock had the consistency of automotive grease. Of the many options being chosen to shade the eyes, mask, hat, or glasses, Davis is electing to rely only on his Redskins hat, and his trademark brow. (Singular, brow)

And behind the curtain, it’s Duke coaching legend Mike Kryzyzewski is back in what looks to be coach. Fitting.

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