First Look: The Georgia Bulldogs NEW Logo, Font, and Jerseys

There are very few teams that have such an iconic look and feel with their uniforms like the threads and helmets sported by the Georgia Bulldogs. The red jersey, the red helmet, the silver pants, the “Power G”, and simplicity are their hallmarks. Sure, they have flirted with alternate uniforms from time to time, but the time tested scarlet red is the favorite for most all UGA fans on Saturdays.

So why mess with it? The answer: uniformity.

Note: I follow the Florida Gators, and they have over 13 different officially used logos, scripts, etc. The new gatorhead, the slanted “F”, the block “F”, the classic standing gator, the new standing gator, the cursive script “Gators”, the slanted script “Gators”, the university’s “UF”, the circle badge “UF”, the 1960’s “F”, and a couple others. Nike has done a great job getting the Gators wearing just two of these.

Most UGA fans feel some strong identity to the old hand-drawn bulldog logo, but coming from a retailer’s prospective, it doesn’t translate as well to embroidery, shirts, etc. Plus, it’s a classic logo… it needs to be treated as such.

The “Power G” is still the main logo. So rest easy on that front. The new bulldog is the official secondary logo.




I was a bit terrified that Herschel was coming back. Then I noticed how small the mannequin’s arms are compared to his. Whew.

The biggest change is the font on the jersey, which is a bit more stylized and unique. The is the 3rd change since the 90s; before it was plain block lettering outlined in the alternate color, and for a short while it was shadowed. But this is the first addition of a new font. Nike is referring to this as the font “Bulldog Bold”. The names on the jerseys are in “UNIVERS”.

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I like ’em. I don’t think all Georgia fans will immediately fall in love with them, but it’ll come in time. It’s unique, but doesn’t completely ditch their powerful tradition. Strong colors, and strong logos that were already existing shouldn’t be easily discarded. I also like the new Bulldog insignia. I don’t think it has a place on the jersey, because the jersey needs to be clean and traditional. Georgia has been very upfront that their new logo is an addition to their existing┬árepertoire, so we can now look forward to seeing the old style bulldog wearing the block “G” hat being on some cool old retro gear.

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