The Nashville Predators Stadium Series Gear has “Hatched!”

The Nashville Predators are set to take on the Tampa Bay Lightning in the very first ever Stadium Series the city has hosted, which will take place at Nissan Stadium on February 26. The team recently unveiled their special edition jersey which they will wear in the game. However, lesser-known is the amazing back story behind the merchandise for this game.

The design’s inspiration stems from an iconic Nashville print shop called Hatch Print Designs. According to the shop’s website, the store has been printing handmade posters and other designs exclusively in Music City for over 140 years. The shop’s designs have appeared in iconic venues such as the Grand Ole Opry and Ryman Auditorium and the shop received historic property status from the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1992. The shop has also designed posters for touring music artists, movies, and more. 

What stands out about Hatch Print’s designs are the bold colors and eccentric fonts featured in their prints. The Nashville Predators’ stadium series jerseys also feature their bold team colors along with a tri-star symbol which most associate with the city of Nashville and similar lettering to what you would see on a Hatch Print poster. 

Like their goal song which incorporates the music of iconic country singer and Nashville resident Tim McGraw, a saber-toothed tiger logo which represents the skull of the animal found at the original UBS Tower construction site, and an alternate logo which features a guitar pick design that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of both the Music City and Tennessee. This jersey and merchandise line is yet another release by the team which pays homage to the wonderful history of Nashville. 

You can purchase your Nashville Predators Stadium Series jersey and other Stadium Series Merchandise in stores or on today.

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