Staff Pick Tuesday-The Women’s Keen Whisper

During the spring of 2011 we started carrying the KEEN line. Not one to be swayed by the mere fact KEEN is growing by leaps and bounds (that means they have good product, right?) I wanted to test these puppies out. After a year now, the verdict is in.

Long Day Test: After 8+ hours on your feet, you know what you think about a shoe. The Whisper has held its own. This past weekend we had a Sport Seasons’ tent sale. Friday and Saturday, the Whisper was the shoe that delivered. I distinctly remember my feet felt good at the end of those days, surprisingly after the hours out on the pavement.

It’ll Come out in the Wash: The Keen Whisper comes with “odor-reducing Aegis Microbe Shield®”. You know the adage: cold hands, warm heart, stinky feet. I needed to wash mine recently between the early summer heat and a few long days of wear.  I threw mine in the washing machine. (This is not what the manufacture suggests!). Air dry. Good News: They came out fresh. Bad News: On the inside, just below the ankle, a little bit of the grey fabric is peeling now, but it hasn’t affected the Whispers performance.

Women’s KEEN Whisper in Dark Shadow and Ceramic

Overall: The Whisper has delivered.  When I put my KEEN’s on, I laugh to myself, “I would run in these, they are that comfortable and supportive, but what would the lady on the treadmill next to me think?”  They are great for trails and water sports, or even more urban turf.

Pros: COMFORT. And they are waterproof. Cushioning holding up well.

Cons: The peeling from the washing, but if you follow directions to hand wash them, this won’t be an issue.


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