Top 5 Fan Essentials for Football Season

Stick to These Top 5 Fan Essentials and Win All Season Long

Football Season Essential Jerseys

  1. Game Day Attire


This is when your team needs you the most. Show your support and be the 12th man with Player Replica Jerseys and Sideline Hats. Learn this uniform and look like you belong with the team. Set it apart in your gridiron shrine. These are the sacred robes that hold the power to protect your team from embarrassing defeat.

Football Season casual wear shirts hats

  1. Keep it casual


You can’t just look good on Game Day.


Tees, shorts, and comfy hats are a way of life for most fans, but the essentials can be easily overlooked. Make sure your team is represented throughout your off-days and errands. Making sure everything is in team colors also relieves you of the hassle of matching. Looking good while wearing team colors? We call that a win-win. Stocking up on the basics will insure that you’re never caught slippin’.

Team Polos and Golf gear

  1. Dress it Up When You Have to


Now we separate the boys from the men (and girls from women; we haven’t forgotten about you, ladies). Shrink the logo, add a collar, and you’re ready to take your fandom to the next level with a sharp team polo. The office could definitely use some more color, and you’re the guy (or gal) for the job.


Bonus: Cool and comfy high-performance fabrics will bring some versatility to this essential. Add a visor, or bucket hat, and walk out of the office onto the green.
College Football Half Zip pullovers

  1. Add a Layer


For most, a simple team logo t-shirt is enough to exhibit their team pride. But not for true fans. Leave no room for doubt. Throw on a lightweight layer on your way out the door with a team half-zip. Wait for the right opportunity, and remove the layer, revealing a SECOND layer of team pride. Think of it as a two-pronged attack on the skeptics and haters.


Not to mention, these new Half-Zip knits are super warm and comfortable.

team sports fan accessories

  1. True Fans Accessorize


I know what you’re thinking, but hear me out. Don’t be limited by cool apparel. Golf marker chips, lanyards, mugs, chairs, license plates, and flags are all opportunities to spread your team in ways that shirts and hats just can’t. Going above and beyond with essential accessories is the mark of true fandom.


Pro Tip: Don’t Leave Anyone Out


Introducing team accessories is the most subtle and effective way to infiltrate enemy lines or reinforce your allies. Accessories make great gifts, and there’s something for everybody. This is how you start’em young or convert the unbelievers. Quietly crush the competition with kindness.


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