University of Tennessee Black Jerseys (the untold Sport Seasons story)

 2 Years ago in June of 2009 Sport Seasons brought in an ALL Black fashion Tennessee Football jersey.  It had Tennessee Orange numbers with White outline.  We were the only place in town to carry these jerseys, as it was a Special Make-Up that WE came up with.  True there were other Black jerseys available at other retailers, but they didn’t have the white outline around the numbers.
A couple of weeks before the South Carolina Game (which was going to be played on Halloween night in Knoxville) a rumor started that the team wanted to wear a black jersey against South Carolina.  It got so hot and heavy that our owner swore up and down to me that even HE was hearing rumblings that they were going to wear Black jerseys against South Carolina.  So I asked my adidas sales rep and he assured me that not only were they not wearing Black jerseys but they didn’t even HAVE black jerseys.  So I in turn assured our owner that they were not going to wear Black jerseys.  It was a good thing too because adidas was out of the Black jerseys and didn’t expect any more until late December.
The night of the game came and I was watching on TV like anyone else and saw that indeed the team was warming up in the traditional Home Tennessee Orange jerseys.  Whew! Disaster averted.
BUT. THEN. SOMETHING. HAPPENED. THAT. RUINED. MY. DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(I actually like the jersey, but I had felt betrayed)
The team came running through the “T” in Black jerseys.  These jerseys were very similar to what we were carrying, except they had an Tennessee Orange collar. Turns out the team really wanted to wear them, and had them specially made locally to be able to pull it off.
Flash forward to 2011. Rumors have started.  I ain’t gonna refute the rumors.  I know as much as you know.
So what do you think?  Will they? Won’t they? Does it matter?

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